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Custom Machining

Wymore Industries is home to a large horizontal boring mill with the capability of up to 63 inches in diameter. Our lathes have a capacity of 22 feet. The sheer size of the boring mill allows us to work on industrial-sized parts for tractors and more. Coupled with the  various metal cutting services we offer, such as precision flame cutting and plasma cutting, sawing, shearing, and abrasive cutoff, we can design and build even the most obscure part imaginable. Some of our more typical products include drive shafts of all sizes, drive line parts and supplies, special bolts and joints, and trailer and truck hitch components. Milling, drilling, grinding, threading, and tapping are the bulk of our work, so turn to us the next time you need a custom-made part to your exact specifications.

Building Interior

Welding Repairs & Fabrication

With a full-time welding crew certified in HELIARC, TIG & MIG, AWS, aluminum, stainless, and arc welding, and who uses the latest heavy duty wire feeders and special buildup units, you can rest assured that each project is completed with knowledge and skill. Our welders are prepared to repair all types of equipment in the agricultural, manufacturing, and construction industries as well as provide ongoing support on a contractual basis.

Drivelines & Power Take Off Unit Service

Fabrication, repair, and balancing of all sizes and types of drive shafts.

In-house & On-site Line Boring & Re-Sleeving of Heavy Equipment

Wymore Industries is available to bore and re-sleeve bearings, pins, and shafts at either our location or yours with our portable welding truck and trailer.  Our fully equipped shop allows us to handle small and large-scale projects.

Pump Repair-Including Geo Thermal

Save money by letting us resize your impeller. We can also repair the accompanying housing, shaft, and bearings that can take weeks to order and ship from a factory. With the necessary bronze and stainless materials on hand, we can service your pump and have it back to you quickly.

$10 Off | Offer Valid with Purchases or Services of $50 or More